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A gadget or machine may let you down when you need it the most if urgent repairs are not undertaken immediately. You will need to keep extra time up your sleeve, as you may need it. Something entrusted to you will be executed perfectly. You may start thinking romantic thoughts about someone you like.

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Extending help to someone who needs it desperately is foreseen and will boost your image on the social front. Sometimes it is best to let things take their own course, instead of interfering at every step. A windfall can be expected by some. Cash registers are likely to start ringing as a new venture tastes success.

You are likely to get favourable treatment on the academic front. Feeling that something good is going to happen will continue the whole day and will not be without basis.

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Support from your well-wishers is assured. You may find an old ailment slowly disappearing. Giving quality time to family is indicated today, so expect a highly rewarding time. An impending expenditure may seem way beyond your pocket, but you will be able to tackle it somehow. Much appreciation is in store for you on the social front for something that you have achieved.

Someone may go out of his or her way to help you out. You can remain in wonderment at your good fortune today! Financial worries become a thing of the past.


You may have to seek alternatives, if you are unable to accomplish something at work. Efforts on the academic front put in now will pay rich dividends later. This is an excellent time for you to invest, as you are likely to get fantastic returns. You are likely to fare well on the academic front, irrespective of how you have prepared.

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You may leave something unattended at work and become answerable for it, so take care. Nervousness cannot be ruled out for those meeting lover for the first time. Find out HOW.


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