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This was very subjective and based on the stamps I purchased on the days of issue.

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The colours may change according to the print run. Note that the tabs on the P-stamps pictured were designed by me. This is my favourite set! Go to my on-line P-stamp album on my website for more self-adhesive P-stamp tab designs. David Mallen is co-author of the Australian Stamp Variations catalogue.

Is your horoscope to blame? The worst traits of your star sign

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Related Posts. Aug 11, 3 Comments. Mad, bad and dangerous to know. You love and hate harder than anyone else. A judging, sneering critic who focuses on the negative at all times, and is intent on pointing out your dour observations to others too.

That said, I know that you direct twice as much negativity at yourself as anyone else. If you were nicer to YOU, life would be easier you know.

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Libra zodiac sign on space background. You veer towards acting like a vain, idle flopsy incapable of making up your mind, procrastinating to the point of driving those around you to the very edge of their tolerance. A more depraved, ruthless creature would be hard to find. Your spirit animal is a scorpion — which says it all.

What's My Australian Zodiac Sign?

Mind games, bullying and dominatrix behaviours are how you entertain yourself — preying on weaker, vulnerable individuals who have yet to feel your sting. A verbal, emotional and physical hooligan blundering and crashing around, causing uproar and offence — albeit never intended because you ARE a sweetie, really. You, Capricorn, have the willpower and success-envy to drive others into the ground if it gets you further up the pecking order.

The new zodiac was developed by president of the Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce - Wayne Tseng who saw similarity between the characteristics of Chinese and Australia native animals. The development of the new Zodiac involves consultations with Chinese heritage experts and experts on the characteristics of Australia naitve animal.

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To the surprise of the panels of consultants, we were able to find a matching pairs of animal that shares common characteristics. Ox is eccentric, bigoted and can be angered easily.

July 12th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Tiger is also capable of great empathy. They are virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste. They are honest, brave and protective of their own kind. They are quite vain, selfish and a bit stingy. They are able to overcome obstacle.