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Wednesday is also a sexy day for you, as the sun squares off with generous Jupiter across your houses of sex and pleasure.

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Your commitment to your daily routine pays off as you are asked to perform this week. With action planet Mars in your house of career harmonizing with Saturn, the planet of loyalty, on Thursday morning, nothing will stop you from moving forward with your job. This Mercury retrograde brings old friends and missed connections back into the picture. On Thursday evening, when the sun meets the retrograde messenger planet, you will pay more attention to past partners—their presence will be highlighted and demand your respect.

When Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter on Friday evening, forgiveness is on the table as you reflect on how these interpersonal connections affect your perception and memory of your personal history.

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Mercury retrograde allows for these adjustments to be made in your relationships, and Pisces season is a healing time. Midweek, you are on top of your email game, dear Libra. With the sun squaring expansive Jupiter on Wednesday evening, you are making responsiveness your business.

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Plus, Mercury retrograde provides you with the chance to tighten up loose ends and get around to tasks on your to-do list that you might have considered flaking on, but now finally have the opportunity to tackle. Thursday evening, the sun meets retrograde Mercury, calling your attention to work-related hiccups.

As Mercury squares off with Jupiter on Friday evening, your to-do list experiences a change in direction.

Your June Horoscope, Revealed – Refinery29

This week is all about supporting your friends, Scorpio. As the sun squares off with expansive Jupiter on Wednesday evening, there is support from your friends and lovers to make moves towards material abundance. Early Thursday morning, your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of commitment, setting the stage for award-winning acts of loyalty. Communications with your housemates or family members can reinvigorate your will to generate wealth.

Your long-term work commitments move forward on Thursday as action planet Mars harmonizes with Satun, the planet of hard work.

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  4. Consider what daily habits you are loyal to and how this physically structures your world. How do your habits create or destroy your resources?

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    This Mercury retrograde has been bringing up old emails as you are given the space to revisit old conversations. Pay attention to the topics that come up near Thursday evening—as the sun meets retrograde Mercury, there will be a motif that is hard to miss.

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    Use this favorable transit to get organized, and work on your harder tasks. Now is the time to take advantage of your quick thinking. The timing is right to finish up a big project on Tuesday when the Moon waxes full in determined Taurus at a. Give your ideas structure while this transit compliments imaginative Neptune's sextile with practical Saturn.

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