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After the two coincided the emphasis on Nirayana became greater and the old practices became extinct. Regarding predictive astrology, the Indians found that the predictions were accurate with Nirayana longitudes. Even in the days of Parasara only the Nirayana longitudes were used for prediction.

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The claim that the Tropical Zodiac is superior has no validity in predictive astrology. One can take any point of the Zodiac as the starting point. That which gives accurate results emerges as the successful candidate and this turns out to be Meshadi. This clearly indicates the need for revising the Sayana longitudes for predictive purposes and replacing them with Nirayana figures.

The Greek origin of Indian astronomy and astrology is an erroneous concept of the occidental orientalists who indulged in mischievous misinterpretation of Indian sciences without even understanding them completely. For example, Varahamihira gives the deities of planets thus:. These are same as those given by Varahamihira. If Yavana is to be taken as Greek, this looks strange.

When did the Greeks worship Vishnu? The work of Yavanesvara does not seem to be the work of the Greeks. We need a more appropriate interpretation. Varahamihira refers to Yavanas in many places. In Brihat Samhita he refers to them as Mlecchas. Who were the Mlecchas? One can interpret Mleccha as one who has low desires or you can derive the term from the root which means talk without clarity Avyaktayam vaci.

In either case it means a degenerate person or one who does not follow Sanatana Dharma. From the description it refers to a principality in India, called Mleccha Desa.

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Perhaps, the Mleccha Desis did not follow the rituals and conventions of the orthodox people as we have seen that Yavana Jataka carries Indian thoughts and customs. One can unequivocally conclude that the Yavana Jataka is not a product of Hellenic or Hellenistic civilization. Even Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy does not have any similarity with standard Indian books. This shows that Indian astrology developed independently and not through the Greek influence.

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On the other hand there is evidence for the Indian origin of Greek astronomy. Surya Siddhanta is given as upadesa to Mayasura. Ptolemy is referred to as Turamaya in inscriptions. The biggest fallacy amongst all such claims of the Greek origins of Indian astrology lies in assuming Yavana means Greek and Mleechas as meaning from the West Europe.

Perhaps those making these claims are not aware that the term yavana. Mahabharata Adiparva The Mahabharata and the exploits of Aijuna deal only with the Indian sub-continent or Bharata Varsha. Arjuna never went to Greece to fight. Yavana Desa was a place within India also known Mleccha Desa.

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The people here did not follow Sanatana Dharma and were also known as Yavanas. To identify the term Yavana with Greek always is absurd, as we have seen in the case of Yavana Jataka. The one-sided and highly prejudiced inferences of some of those claiming to have done research are responsible for creating such erroneous notions. They need to be dispelled. Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira Ed. Ramakrishna Bhat with tr. Panca Siddhantika of Varahamihira with tr.

Kuppanna Sastri Ed. Sarma, P.

Some people believe that only SSS should be used in astrology and not drik siddhanta. SSS is an analytical model used by ancient Indian astrologers and used by many traditional Indian astrologers upto recent times. SSS is said to calculate the positions of the subtle bodies of grahas, which are essentially ethereal beings associated with planets, who grasp our consciousness and affect our lives. Some people use SSS without beeja samskara following a modern western commentary on SSS, and some people use it with traditional beeja samskara methods from ancient and medieval times, among which the most ancient extant source is Makaranda Table.

This software implements generalized formulas for Makaranda version converted into siddhantic mode so as to be correct for all eras. The same generalized formulas are used by many panchangas. Some examples are given below:.

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A divisional chart D-m e. D-9, D, D D, D etc.

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As just one specific example, you can take D as rasi chart and find D-9 in it. I published my article explaining that the original Indian zodiac is tropical not sidereal as is currently in use. Today a rebuttal was published. Here is my reply to that rebuttal. I will reply to a…. But this guru is not divinely ordained by a spiritual…. At the beginning of I finished my research into the actual definition of the zodiac in Sanskrit, Indian classical literature.

And that a solar zodiac of 12 divisions coexists in tropical space. It was not hard to…. The nakshatra that is along this line is an…. I reviewed on such article in my previous post. Here are a few more.