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Do not be afraid to share your creative ideas with your work team. Allow me to offer you a preemptive congratulations, Taurus, because looks like your year to move ahead. A raise or a promotion could definitely be something to expect this coming year!

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But, uh, don't expect it to come too easily. According to Ganesha Speaks , "the position of the tough taskmaster Saturn portends well for progress and higher growth prospects in your career. You are likely to move ahead in the profession, however, this surge will be accompanied by certain level of struggle, which could come as a price for this growth. Also, according to Astrology. If you were waiting for the perfect time to put your all into your career, is that time.

Your horoscope says that you'll have extra energy this year, which means you'll be more productive than usual. You'll also find a lot of opportunities to move up in your career. According to Ganesha Speaks , "the influence of Jupiter is quite strong.

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This means you are likely to have good encouraging opportunities for growth in your pursuit. Brace yourselves, Cancers: might be a tough year when it comes to your career.

Leo Yearly Horoscope

You'll have a heavy workload, and you might feel some confusion about everything from time to time. But, while there will definitely be some challenges to get through, you will get through them. You just need to prepare yourself. Since you now know that your career might be a little tough in , think about what that means for you, and get yourself ready to get through it. It's not all bad news, though: According to Horoscope This is the best part of the year for attaining strong progress.

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Every horoscope for Leos in seem to lead back to one thing: will be an eventful year for your career, with lots of unexpected moments — but it won't exactly be a bad thing. SunSigns says, "While your work life will be anything but stable, it does provide opportunities for advancement. While this may be hard to get used to at first, it will pay off in the long-run. While you cannot exactly plan for the changes your career brings, you should always do your best to remain as flexible as possible.

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Oh, and avoid making any big changes; instead, focus on getting things done where you are. As Astrology. If you were hoping to move up, change careers, or do something else big and different According to your horoscope, is the time to be patient and learn how to be happy with what you're doing rather than look for something new. According to xTarot. The site says, "Virgo people will succeed in only if the work will bring them a real fun and pleasure. It might be tough, but you got this! In order to get ahead, focus on working on what you're good at rather than multi-tasking or getting distracted by disruptions.

According to Astrology. Of course this can work two ways.

Saturn will begin the year in Virgo, where it will form an exact alignment with Uranus in Pisces in February and September, just as it did in November of the last year. With these two planets spanning your solar second and eighth houses of money, you should try to plan ahead as much as possible for financial ups and downs.

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Save, spend conservatively, establish and live within a budget, and keep tabs on investments and retirement funds. Do all this and you can more easily weather the effects of restrictive Saturn and unpredictable Uranus. Steer clear of financial agreements, loans such as agreeing to be a cosigner , and other actions that could potentially affect your credit rating.

Promises are just that and, unfortunately, not everyone is as honorable as you. Your solar second and eighth houses are about more than money. These sectors also represent what you value personally and what you value in others.

Think about your life priority list, what you want to achieve as well as the intangibles— character and personality traits, ethics, and standards. This planetary alignment is also about your marketable skills and talents and merging them with other people for mutual benefit. Align yourself with the right people and you have much to gain. Saturn will move on to Libra, your solar third house, October This would be an excellent time to return to school to begin or complete a degree or advanced certification, or to acquire practical job skills.

You also could take several classes for the fun of it to learn more about a subject that interests you. Part of this may be business-related.