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The planet in debilitation if found occupying its exaltation navamsa is also deemed to have attained Neechbhanga status but a study has revealed that in most cases of Neechabhanga neither Raja yoga results nor favourable results had accrued. Einstein was not blessed with Neechabhanga Raja yoga because Mercury even though occupying a kendra from the lagna in a benefic sign was itself combust.

The neecha Moon gaining neechabhanga also did not give rise to Raja yoga. If the debilitated planet gaining neechbhanga is in the 6th, the 8th or in the 12th it would not be a strong Raja yoga, only in good houses there will be strong Raja yoga Phaladeepika. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Indian Astrology.

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For only Raja yoga, see Raja yoga Hindu astrology. Light on Life. Lotus Press. Indian Predictive Astrology. Orient Paperbacks. Elements of Vedic Astrology. Institute of Vedic Astrology. Krishna Murthy. Astrology and Your Future. Sura Books. Solve Your Problems Astrologically.

New Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers. Archived from the original on Light of Life. Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology. Sterling Publishers P Ltd. Your Zodiac Horoscope. Look at how you are searching for a better wording. And you are rejecting the wording I gave you. The wording is not perfect enough.

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It doesn't match entirely. It doesn't have a lasting potential. You're very careful when communicating, for risk of making accidental contradictions. You aren't a person to spread information haphazardly.

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Combust mercury is aligning spirit with words. It is looking for exactly what the word implicates. It finds itself perpetually confronting semantic disconnections, trying to establish clear implications. The assumed context of phrases are stripped away. It takes longer to communicate with you and people find themselves trying hard to arrange and rearrange wordings for you. Originally Posted by crazedrat.

It's not stubbornness in a relationship sense, it's self depricating. It's a refusal to indulge.

It's not about others it's about yourself. Your own soul. Your mind has to line up perfectly with your soul.

Combust and incombust hours – Gregory Rozek – graphic design & astrology

It doesn't match with what's in your soul. Is that something you do often? I am sorry, I am a merciless editor. Never quote me without giving me 10 minutes to edit what I've said, because I am liable to change it. With the moon close to sun, every thought is associated with and defined by its implications. The thoughts are considered either acceptable or rejected based on what they imply. New moon has moralistic associations. It has an attitude of rejection towards the world as we live in it; this is because the world is going off track.

This is why the person doesn't flagrantly succeed by worldly standards. New moon considers information in the mind, as whether it is a lasting or self extinguishing function; whether it is socially and morally amicable. This is why I do not like the term strong and weak.

Combust Planets in Vedic astrology

The typical association with combustion is weakness, but in a way the planets are stronger.. In the same way one questions whether bulldozing the earth and putting up parking lots, or strip-mining for silver is really intelligent. THe planet abandons momentary context, gains the greater context. Only those spiritually depraved call such planets weakness.

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Combust and incombust hours

Find all posts by dr. Quote: Originally Posted by dr. Find all posts by dhundhun. Quote: Originally Posted by dhundhun I wish things would have been so simple. Mars square Neptune The square between Mars and Neptune suggests that your natural tendencies to assert yourself may cause confusion and turmoil in your life. You may experience ups and downs in your feelings and ambitions.

Vague or subconscious reasons prompting you to act may conflict with your sensitive feelings. This aspect stimulates interest in spiritual issues and produces a degree of psychic energy, even spiritual delusion. It's often associated with sexual anxieties, repressed sexual urges, or some degree of deception associated with sexual affairs. This aspect is one that suggests you may do best when you are alone. You should perhaps work by yourself or with as few people as possible.

Preferably, you should work in a field such as medicine where you can satisfy a need to provide human service and remain detached. Develop your abilities to plan and control, and be more willing to accept responsibility when something goes wrong. Find all posts by astrologer Find all posts by beginner. Join Date: Apr Posts: Find all posts by crazedrat.