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Haley commented on Oct Desarmar bombas pode ter significados interessantes. Toggle navigation astrological dates change. Journal des femmes horoscope gemeau Tatouage signe astrologique vierge symbole. Going going going, doing doing doing, until all the juice is gone. She has been convinced she can "do it all" herself, in the name of empowerment For woman, it is within the deepest recesses of her surrender, where she merges with existence, receiving a cosmic washing from head to toe - purging the collective trauma, discharging static auric pollution, and recharging her being.

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A divine plug-in, so to speak. Its where she finds herself, free of her inhibitions and conditionings. Awake, alert, melted, FREE. Society keeps woman distorted, and as far away from her power as possible, so she can be controlled, used-up early on, then tossed out when all the juice is gone.

It is fucking hideous. What women NEED to know, is that when you regularly take the time to fall back and revisit your deepest nature, the juice never leaves! You stay nourished, vibrant, sexy and alive inside. You become more and more powerful, beautiful, and wise as time goes on. Men, you must really get your own shit together first, if you are going to be able to support the realignment of womans nature, and health.

For a man to step to a woman, and not be there to support and restore her ability to fall back into surrender, he is continuing to perpetuate the damage. She continues to seize-up further, not getting a moments break from the high intensity gnawing of her mind.

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Men, know this. Understand this. And step to her with reverence for what is real, fully intact. For a woman to fully surrender, she must be willing to die to the moment, and hand over the keys to something other than her controlling mind. For this to happen, trust in life what put her here , is the master-key.

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This can seem wild and scary but truely the rebellion and the yelling is just how she can break free. So awaits for her with open arms and, like a divine mother, recieve all of her truth. So how were the past 8 days for you so far? To stop accepting things that don't respect who you are? To stop playing the same patterns over and over again? Pluto and the south node are there still in capricorn with saturn so it might be deep I know.. So we can fully grow and rebirth into a full empowered being?

The reflection keeps on going Ps : available for this year astral guidance and support for your personnal astrological transits of the moment! Embracing the wild wave towards your next level growth! Pisces is all about emotional connection to the whole, to Spirit, to our deepest conscious and unconscious life.

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In pisces we meet this remembrance that we come from more than this physical life. Pisces is moving Waters, it emotionally reacts to its environment on a constant basis, reflecting the subconscious and energetic flows around it. But the opposition between the 2 polarities of this same axis create a re-evaluation of how much time we dedicate to spiritual and emotional connection, versus how much time we didicate to our daily life routines, projects, relationships etc.

Encore 4 places ;. Jump to. If the planet is in a cardinal sign, large dots are used; in a fixed sign the dots are of medium size, and mutable signs are represented by small dots. Another structural element is the differentiation of the dots into transparent or non-transparent quality.

Is the planet positioned in a so-called feminine sign, the dots are transparent, but in a masculine sign they are non-transparent. The calculation of the number of dots is based on the concept of midpoints acc. The number of dots is calculated from the ratio of the distance measured in degrees between the planets in their respective signs.

Journal des femmes horoscope chinois

Together they worked on transforming the time quality of a horoscope into an experience of sensory perception. Tobias Krug , a glass and multi-media artist, and representative of "Conrete Futurism". Since he has devoted his attention to the subject of "Space and Time" and how "Time" can be visualized in different forms of expression. Petra Renner , Astrologer and pedagogue, active in the artistic-practical realm for a long time. For many years, she has supported people in their personal development, in motivation and creativity, by conveying knowledge and teaching strategies.