Archetypal astrology reading

Receiving intuitive information or guidance is effortless.

Archetypal Prism Astrological Counseling

What is difficult is removing your fears about what your intuition is telling you. Holding an open mind will allow your archetypal patterns to assume their most natural positions in your chart.

You are embarking on an experience to learn more about your life. Treat yourself and the voice of your psyche with respect, because it is a living force that yearns for channels through which it can communicate.

Archetypal Astrology

To proceed with this process, click on the link. The relationships are determined by the number of degrees between the luminaries and planets. For instance, a relationship of degrees between two planets means those two planets were exactly opposite each other. The astrologer studies the chart and relates to you how your life is affected by this opposition and what you can do to bring harmony and balance to the affected areas of your life.

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  • -Richard Tarnas, Archetypal Astrologer and Philosopher.
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Important info to read before your session: Answers to Questions. Jung and J.

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My research interests include depth psychology, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. My main website is BeccaTarnas.

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  4. My Approach to a Reading My approach is to be in engaged dialogue with the client, learning your story and perspective. Synastry Readings I also offer synastry readings of the relationship between the charts of two people, with the policy that each of the clients has had an individual astrology reading previously. Astrological Teaching For those who wish to deepen their relationship with astrology, I offer one-on-one mentoring so that you can learn the theory, techniques, and practices of the astrological discipline.

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